Smashing an interview

Interviews can be one of the most daunting times for Service Leavers. The last interview you had may have been upwards of 22 years ago. Here are a few top tips to help you not only survive, but nail your interviews.

  1. Do you research – Find out who will be interviewing you and do some OSINT on them. They will no doubt have something on line that can be used to create a rapport in the interview. 
  2. Understand the company – Read the news stories, financial statements, growth plans etc for your target company. Asking questions about these in your interview will show that you have really done your homework.
  3. Ditch the regimental tie – Yes you might be proud to be an Ex Para or Submariner, but you are trying to appear to be a transitioned civilian not a serving soldier.
  4. Interview in order – You are going to sit through lots of these, sit through the ones for the roles least important to you first to give yourself some prep time.
  5. Prep your answers to the key questions – You will always be asked what you know about a company, why you want the role, strengths and weaknesses. Nail the basic ones first.
  6. Know the dress code – You wouldn’t have dared turned up for an interview without a suit even as little as a decade ago, but times are changing, my last interview was in Jeans and a jumper for a senior role – make sure you know the dress code and try to aim one level up.
  7. Dont undersell yourself – you will be surprised how employable you actually are, regardless of the role you are seeking.

Some more examples can be found here

Interviewing is an art, some people who would make amazing employees are terrible at it and the vice versa also exists. The interview is the final hurdle between yourself and the offer stage of most jobs, so this is important to invest some time and effort into.

If you are really serious about a role, why wouldnt you invest some time and effort really preparing for it. Professional interview training can help you secure a role that you otherwise may have let slip. A few hundred pounds invested now can give you an offer of thousands of pounds more post interview stage.

We offer professional interview training from a range of hiring managers and HR professionals who can teach you how to really get your points across and stand out from the crowd.