Scottish Ex-forces in Business Awards shines a light on veterans in second careers in the private sector

touted as the “world’s largest celebration of veterans in second careers,” the Ex-forces in Business Awards had its Scottish debut on December 3 in Glasgow.

The event made clear its distinction from its English counterpart with a Scottish pipe band that welcomed the (mostly) tartan glad guests to the ceremony.

However, the national pride on show revealed something deeper about Scottish culture, namely its deep respect for the military institution.


Scotland has a long-established relationship with its military, with a significant part of the population being associated with the armed forces in some way.

Statistics from Citizens Advice Scotland suggest that as many as 20% of Scots are part of the Armed Forces Community, whether serving, a veteran or related to a serving member.

Government statistics put the number of military veterans in the country at 237,000  in 2017 – a number that’s undoubtedly risen over the past two years.

These facts give us a snapshot of the significance of the veteran community in Scotland, as well as the importance of commending those who have forged successful careers after service.