Resettlement Admin

Resettlement admin starts before you have even pressed your buttons on JPA but you will never guess the reason why.

Keen to sign off, had a bad report, WAIT. You should time your sign off date so that you get the best resettlement plan, why would you want your 12 months to be up at the start of December, most companies will be waiting until the new year for hiring.

Here are a few more tips to help you get the most out of your resettlement time:


  1. Housing – If you dont have a house you have the whole country or world to look at for accomodation. Do this sooner rather than later though, if you are waiting on a job offer for a mortgage you need to think about your timeline well in advance.
  2. Schooling – Just as important, if you are moving your kids ensure that you have applied for the right schools in advance of any intake periods.
  3. Medical and Dental – Make sure you take advantage of all the medical and dental appointments you can before you leave. All those niggles you haven’t wanted to get looked at, do it before you go as the GP surgeries in civvy street are very busy. Registering for these is difficult enough.
  4. Wait until your last day in work and get a railcard. 33% off rail travel for the whole year after you leave is worth its weight in gold, especially if you are a regular commuter.