Free Training

Even before you have clicked away on JPA or entered into your last 12 months of colour service you should be giving some thought to training.

Training is one thing that the Military does generally really well, and there is no shortage of opportunity. 

Once you enter resettlement you gain access to a few courses, abit of money and importantly some time to invest in your future.Below are a few ways in which you can ensure that you are conducting appropriate training.

During Service

  • Standard learning credits (SLCs) allow you to claim upto £175 for training courses and you can use these against almost anything. The best way to use them in our opinion is to conduct free or cheap online study through a platform like Udemy or Coursera and use the SLCs to pay for your exam.


  • University Short Courses – These courses are regularly run by universities throughout the UK. They are a few days long and can be taken in a range of different academic areas.


  • Trade training – Those of you who are in a trade are lucky, but the Military often doesn’t pay for your civilian qualification. Use your SLCs to pay for this instead.


  • Accreditation – The military ranks system has been placed against accreditation scales for a number of institutes, it is worthwhile completing the forms needed to gain this accreditation.

After Service

  • Resettlement courses are abit of a con, they are often geared up towards utilising your full grant money and can be useful if there is a specific qualification missing from your record, but are often not the most cost effective way of achieving it.


  • The home improvement course offers pound for pound one of the best courses on the resettlement grid, leaving as a Private or a Read Admiral you will surely need to pay someone hundreds of pounds to fix a leak at some point. Why not DIY.


  • The internet is awash with courses. If there isnt something on YouTube that will help you gain a qualification, have a look at some of these possible options: