CV Writing Tips

Writing your CV – What could be so hard. It’s just a chronological representation of your career to date right? I’ll make one on CTP and that will be good enough.

Did you know that the average hiring manager gives CVs less than 10 seconds before they decide what pile to put them on?

Furthermore, did you know that big organisations that use automated filtering technology will not even see your CV (regardless of how good you are for the role) if it is incorrectly formatted.

CTP will give you a CV, they will talk to you about how to ensure that it doesnt use military parlance. You will then send it off to multiple companies and it will be obvious from a mile away that it is a military CV. That isn’t always a bad thing, they are just very repetitive and difficult to skim read.

Here are some tips on how to ensure you create a great CV:

  1. Keep it pithy – CTP will ensure you make everything metrics based (achieved a 92% growth in efficiency over the last year). I dont agree with this level of detail and would question any specific metrics like this in interview.
  2. Ensure it passes through an ATS system flawlessly. There are places online to help you with this.
  3. Dont use acronyms. This goes without saying. Most employers wont have a clue what your CBRN qualification means.
  4. Proof read your CV – Better yet, have a non military friend do this for you to give you their spin.
  5. Use a different CV for each role. You should create a base CV that is longer than needed and then strip our the areas that are not relevant to a specific role.

If you think about it your CV is your marketing window the the employment world. If you have any chance at getting the job you are applying for someone has to read your CV and respond to it. 

It makes sense to invest in a professional CV that will allow you through the door of many businesses, opening opportunity to higher paying roles.

Our professional CV writing service will ensure that your CV gives you the best chance at success. It will pretty much pay for itself many times over.