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Transitioning from Military Service is a daunting experience. It shouldn’t matter if you have served a year or a full career, anyone who has worked in HM Forces should be supported through this journey. We try to do things differently and ensure that those working with you during resettlement have spent time in uniform themselves.

There are over 14,000 Military leavers per year, meaning your chances of coming across a former serviceman/woman during, or post transition are high. We believe that the vast majority of these people are willing to ‘pay it back‘ and assist those who follow in their footsteps.

How can Notice To Terminate help?


CV Review

We offer a range of CV and LinkedIn writing services. Including a FREE CV review for service leavers.

Veteran Community

We run a mobile app based forum for advice and guidance from across the services.


We maintain relationships with a number of companies keen on hiring Veterens in a range of sectors.

Interview Coaching

We conduct interview training sessions for Veterans to ensure they put the best foot forwards.

CV Health Check

Your CV get’s you in the door, creates the first impression and is also used to guide an interview. Yet veterans don’t always invest the time and money needed to get this right.

A small sum invested now could mean the difference of thousands when you approach offer time if you get this right. 

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App Based Community

Our growing community is based on Slack, a messaging application available on Android, iOS and Web. Join a community of veterans and Service Leavers to chat about a range of subjects – Make resettlement a little less lonely.


We offer two approaches to recruitment. Firstly we have a traditional jobs board from employers wishing to engage military veterans, feel free to check this out below.

Secondly, we work with candidates to present them to employers in areas they wish to move into, ensuring that they have the right profile developed to succeed in their chosen industry.



Interview Training

Our bespoke coaching service ensures that you are able to communicate the skills you have gained in the military in an understandable manner.

We will ensure that you are confident in an interview setting and can add clarity and meaning to yours answers, giving you the best possible opportunity to sell yourself.

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