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Over 14,000 people leave the Military each year, some manage to make a successful transition with little issue, others struggle to find purpose in their new roles and a small number end up on the street.

Founded in 2018, I left the Military from a privileged position, gaining a significant raft of transferable skills and certification. Unfortunately, I felt let down by the advice from official resettlement sources and thought that the system needed a revamp.

I do not believe that those who have served longer deserve better advice or guidance, nor do I believe spending a day on the road in a green fleet vehicle you have had to fight for when we have the internet is time well spent.

The only service I personally used was the ‘career; consultant who didn’t understand my role in the Military and didn’t understand the real corporate world either. I was frustrated by the lack of choice, poor access to online learning and general difficulty in finding the advice I needed. I wasted countless hours trying to figure out how to use my training grants on something worthwhile

There was too much information to process, not enough detail on the things that really mattered to me and it all just felt like a set of hoops that I had to jump through rather than an agency or community that would assist me in getting on in my second career.

As a result, I decided to set up this organisation, providing frank and timely advice to serviceman and women leaving the forces. Since founding noticetoterminate we have helped veterans navigate the resettlement process with ease. Our advice is developed by you, people who have served in uniform and understand the challenges and nuances of ‘getting out’.

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There are a range of services….

Whether it be support in planning your resettlement, assitance in finding a job or tweaking your CV or support and networking once your have made the jump to civvy street we are here to help with a range of services available.

Free CV Reviews

A professional CV is so important in todays job market. Investing here ensures you stand a chance of getting your foot in the door. We offer a free CV review service for all service leavers.

Military Leavers Community

We operate a online forum to discuss everything from Healthcare to housing, interviews to general chit-chat.

Personalised Timeline

Our personalised timeline service means that you will get reminders at each stage of the transitioning journey to ensure you make the most

Online Resources

Our resource pages have all the information you will need on every matter

Improve Your Chances

Esuring your CV is leigble and potrarys you in the best way possible is a marketing exercise. Investing here means you will get to interview more where Military people tend to do well. We offer a free CV review service to help you get on your way.

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