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Transitioning from Military Service is a daunting experience. It shouldn’t matter if you have served a year or a full career, anyone who has worked in HM Forces should be supported through this journey.

The HM Forces transition journey takes service leavers through Career Transition Partnership (CTP) and a range of other paths to prepare them for live beyond service. 

At NoticeToTerminate we have tried to bolster this important provision to ensure that it is accessible to everyone, maintains genuine links to industry and provides supporting services from industry professionals.

There are over 14,000 Military leavers per year, meaning your chances of coming across a former serviceman/woman during, or post transition are high. We believe that the vast majority of these people are willing to ‘pay it back‘ and assist those who follow in their footsteps.

There are a raft of companies aiming to capitalise on the talent and skills of service leavers, often in an underhand manner. NoticeToTerminate offers a range of resettlement advice and services with no catch or cost.


How we do it?

Notice to terminate aims to bring the resources that you need at your finger tips during resettlement. This community is aimed at bridging the gap between what is given on Career Transition Partnership (CTP) and what you need to be successful in the civilian sector.

Resettlement Resources

A collection of verified resettlement resources to aid you on your journey.

Online Community

An app-based community powered by MatterMost to let you keep in touch with Service Leavers.

Job Hunting Assistance

CV & Interview Prep with mentors who have already made the jump.


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Keep on track with a resettlement timeline

Using your exit date, NoticeToTerminate will setup a personalised set of reminders to keep you on track throughout your resettlement.

Prep your first CV
Attend your CTP
Begin job applications
Land your first job
Handover your quarters

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Our Mobile App based community allows you to stay in touch whilst on the go.

We utilise a mobile application called MatterMost in order to keep you all in touch. In order to join our MatterMost community you need to download the MatterMost application and then fill in the form below.